• have embraced their gifts and established a business, but still feel a long way from the level of success they desire. 

  • feel overwhelmed with trying to follow all the rules they've learned about how to do everything in business the ‘right’ way.

  • take on too much responsibility for others, giving out more than they receive.

  • Know your unique pathway for business success

  • Clearly communicate 

    your message 

Biz Alchemy™ Playground is the answer to finding your unique way to be in business. ​

Biz Alchemy™ Playground is the place to un-learn what the traditional model of business has programmed into you, and to discover your authentic path for success.


for you to play, learn, experiment, follow your soul path, co-create with your business, and have fun being you and sharing your gifts with the world, while remembering how to receive abundantly.


  • Modules covering every aspect of business from an energetic perspective with guidance and tools to support your business growth and expansion

  • A beautiful, connected tribe of like-minded women who love a bit of woo with their strategy

  • An extensive visualisation library covering every type of energy block you can experience in business

  • A member's gift area where you give and receive free offers

  • A Telegram group to connect with each other between calls so you always have support

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